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It all started in 1982 when I went to study in Atlanta, GA (USA). Being 16 and halfway around the world from my native Thailand for the first time, I felt very lonely. I thought I would like to have a dog to be a friend and partner during my time at school, away from my family and friends. In my free time after my school work was done I would pour over the dog magazines in order to study the various breeds, looking for the kind of dog that I might find most appealing. Many dog magazines were consulted in order to study the various breeds before making such an important decision. One weekend, I visited a Chow Chow kennel. After spending time and playing with the dogs, I began to understand the breed and fall in love with them even more. Chows have their own lives, and present such a smart and elegant appearance. They reminded me of noble lions!

My first Chow was a black bitch from the kennel I had visited. Her name was "Black Oak". I got her when she was 10 weeks old. She was a quality dog. I spent all of my free time with her before and after school. We had many wonderful times together. After I finished my schooling in Atlanta, I returned to Thailand and brought "Black Oak" home with me. She was the love of my entire families' lives. Every time we took her out in public, she was a star to all the Thai people. They were excited to see her and called her "Teddy Bear" more often than "Black Oak". I began competing with her at dog shows and won many "Baby Best in Shows" before she moved to the regular class competition

I began to become very serious and invest more and more time with the Chow breed. It became my dream that I would someday own the Number One Chow in the US and become a well-respected in the breed. I worked hard to meet the top US breeders and handlers. They were reluctant to sell a very nice show dog outside the US to a then unknown person.

 Since beginning campaigning my Chows in 1991, I have been very fortunate to be involved with the following winners.

1991-1992  BIS.BISS.Am.Can.Thai.Ch.Crystal Lake Time  Keeper. Benny finished as number Two Chow in the United States. My first big winning Chow, Benny was the foundation of my lines, produced many Champions for me both in the United States and here in Thailand 

1993-1994 BIS.BISS.Am.Can.Ch.Bai-Lee's Gold Quest. “GQ” put us to spotlight when he finished as Number One Chow in the US. He is my 1st top chow. “GQ” came home to produce many top winning dogs for me. He is my epitome of a Chow Chow.

1995-1998 I had a succession of Top Ten ranked Chow including;
BIS.BISS.Am.Can.Ch.Rio's Go For The Gusto Number One Chow Chow Male in the US and Westminster BOB winner.

  After all these accomplishment I decided that I will focus my attention on campaigning dogs from my own breeding. I am very fortunate in this endeavor, having bred and owned the first Thai bred American Champion and Best in Show winner Am.Can.Thai Ch.United's Capture The Sun, AOM at the Westminster Kennel Club in 2001 another feat for a Thai local bred also he was the first local bred chow who became Grand Champion. Another notable United chow is Thai.Can.Ch.United's The Magic Arts who won BIS here and in Indonesia.

We have continued the tradition of campaigning our own breeding.  Currently our third generation STAR is Multiple BISS Am.Ch.United's Sweet Sensation (OFA Good, Penn Hip). "Sweetie" won back to back BOS wins at the Chow Chow Club of America National Specialty Shows, 2006 & 2007. She was number 2 Chow in 2005, number 3 in 2006 and both years were the #1 Chow Chow Bitch in America. "Sweetie" is the first bitch I have actively campaigned while she was young. I feel that it is through the females that the true strength of a breeder's lines can be demonstrated. 

I have been very fortunate with my breeding program. United chows stand proud anywhere they will be. Having owned and bred the number one Chow Chows in Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the United States, and have won many top awards in Indonesia, and Canada as well. I take my Chows very seriously, and I'm always wary of the health challenges of the breed. I strive to breed an outstanding dog with lots of style.

 In addition to my show dogs, I also enjoy judging. As I continue to expand my breeds and groups, I find that, for me, there is nothing I enjoy and love more than finding the next Superstar for the world of our beloved canine friend "The Show Dog" At this time I would like to thank everyone who have generously helped and shared their knowledge and invaluable experience with me.

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