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            The Chow puppy you bring home should be taught to quietly lie on its side for grooming. To start, you just make them lay still for a few minutes each day, praising them each time they do this and increase the time day by day. A grooming table is a must for the new exhibitor. A non-skid bath mat on a sturdy table will suffice for the pet owner.

              To teach your puppy this, wrap your arms around him, as one would carry a lamb (see illustration this page), gently turning him over on his side and slightly leaning on him. The first few times you do this, just rub your hands over him rather than doing any grooming.
The puppy coat is best to tackle with a poodle comb, a three-inch deep one with teeth widely spaced. A one-inch comb with teeth spaced both closely and far apart will be used behind the ears and on the metatarsals. On adults' coats, you will use a brush and a comb.
             With the puppy lying on his side, start at the top of the shoulders and work your way back toward the rear. Hold the hair back with one hand and comb out a small amount of hair forward (see illustration). Use short deep strokes. Make sure you are combing down to the skin. If you comb only the top surface, you'll tend to card the coat. This will virtually create one big mat on your pup. As you finish combing out each section you're holding, keep moving toward the rear of the dog. Finish the midsection.

              Move to the hind leg. Comb it in a downward direction. Do the front leg in a downward direction. Comb the top and side of the mane. Turn the puppy over and repeat.

              Sit your Chow up. Work up from between the front legs, pushing up with one hand and combing down. When you get to the mane, comb down and out.

Stand the dog up and work up from the back of the hind foot. Comb the metatarsal hair straight back. Push the breechings up on an angle towards the anus; comb down and out. Pretend the wind is blowing from the rear and fanning the hind end. Starting behind the front foot, hold the coat up. Comb down and back.

Hold the tail straight up and work up from its base. Comb it down all around

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