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             Shape all four feet. Put the blade of the thinning shears under the excess hair and lift up. Snip and lift. Snip and lift. Cut across the front of the foot. Do not indent around each toe. Do, however, pick foot up and remove excess hair from around pads from underneath.

Use the one-inch comb on the metatarsal hair. Comb out and back again. Point thinning shears straight down if you find it easier to do this with your Chow standing. Otherwise, support the leg backwards and scissor with the thinning shears pointing up. Let your puppy return to standing every once in a while to review the progress of you handiwork. Take it a little bit at a time. You do not want to take the hair off all the way down to the skin. Instead, try to leave enough on to make the front and rear bones appear equal. Leaving too much on will ruin the straight-hocked appearance
             A pet Chow rarely requires a bath. His coat and skin are naturally sweet smelling and flea-resistant. Too much bathing will dry out these properties. Semi-weekly brushing will usually keep your dog in fine shape. A hot bath will loosen the coat that is ready to shed out once a year
              A show Chow requires more frequent bathing, whether it be full or spot bathing. The dirt of the dog show sites and the grit that clings to coat conditioners make it so..
Thoroughly brush out your dog. Carefully split and comb out any mats. Put a few drops of mineral oil or ear medication in his ears and plug them with several cotton balls each. You can apply an ointment in the eyes if you'll be using a harsh shampoo.
Soak the coat with warm, not hot, water. Lather, then rinse well. Lather again, then rinse thoroughly. A trick that will help you deep lather through the Chow's double coat is to use a terry facecloth to rub in the shampoo. Apply conditioner, let soak in and rinse out if necessary. Cut the softened nails when you take to dog out of the tub.

              Let him shake while you continue using several Turkish towels to blot him. A correct texture of coat will start drying quite rapidly. Unfortunately, the undercoat retains moisture. You must, therefore, concern yourself with drying it thoroughly. Pay particular attention to the underside of the tail and the area it covers. The same care should be taken behind the ears, the elbows and around the male's testicles. Even when you think you've sufficiently dried these areas, some unobtrusive cornstarch or medicated powder won't hurt.

              Blow dry the Chow as shown in the diagrams. Use a high-velocity cool heat to blow as you brush. Wait overnight for the coat to settle before you neaten your dog up

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