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Mr. Ekarat Sangkunakup of Thailand, began his involvement with American show dogs in 1982. Perhaps being best known in the United States for his top winning Chow Chows and Dobermans, he has also had top winning English Pointers, Shih Tzu, Pomeranians, Smooth Fox Terriers, American Cockers, and Golden Retrievers. The dogs are proudly exhibited under the United prefix, garnering numerous Championships across the world. The United Chow Chows were the first Thai bred dogs to be shown competitively in the US, and to this day, remain the premier representative of Thailand for their excellent quality, not only in America, but abroad. Chow Chows bred or owned by Mr. Sangkunakup have amassed over 300 All-Breed Best in Shows, along with over 500 All-Breed Best Baby in Shows worldwide. In addition, over 200 Best in Shows with other breeds owned and shown over the last twenty years.

United Kennels has had more than twenty different dogs hold the #1 position both in the US and Thailand. United Chows have ranked #1 Chow Chow in the breed more than twenty times in Thailand, and have been extremely successful in the United States and across Asia having become the #1 Chow in various countries.

Mr. Sangkunakup is recognized throughout the world for his in-depth knowledge of canine structure and breed type. At the core of his philosophy as a breeder/judge, is the belief that the preservation of the breed standard and type, ultimately depends upon the collaboration and education of dog breeders worldwide. Breeding and judging according to the Chow (or any breed) standard is of the utmost importance in order to maintain the integrity of this historic and beloved breed, promoting continuous education for the purpose of the Preservation Breeder.

Mr. Sangkunakup is the first South East Asian Judge to have judged Nationals in many countries including in the United States and Canada. He is also the first Thai Judge to have judged at the World Dog Show.

He is licensed to judge All-Breeds everywhere dogs are exhibited. He is frequently invited to judge in the U.S.A , Canada , South America , Russia , Scandinavian, Australia , New Zealand , Japan , China , South East Asia as well as his native Thailand. While actively pursuing his judging career domestically and abroad, he continues to campaign his outstanding Thai bred dogs in the United States.

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