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     The goal of every serious show breeder has always been simple to describe but very difficult to achieve: breed the perfect dog according to its breed standard. Since the interpretation of the standard is subject to each person's prejudices, this goal may well prove elusive. But the serious breeder has another way to judge his success - the overall quality of the puppies he produces and the consistent winning they accomplish in the show ring. Although all may not agree on what constitutes the perfect dog, the quality of a breeding line is evidenced by its record of wins in the show ring. United puppies have been and will continue to bear evidence of the superior quality of the United breeding lines, through their worldwide accomplishments in the show ring.

BISS.Am.Ch.Chinarose The Impressionist & United's Unlock My Heart

BISS.Am.Ch.Chinarose The Impressionist

United's Unlock My Heart [B]

United's One Touch Access [M]

United's Light My World [B]

United's Absolute Pure

United's To Be Continue


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